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HobbyMio HM-108 Ultra Thin Single Blade Nipper Cutter

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Barcode: 5519051010081

Type : Single Blade Plastic Nipper Cutter

Color : Red

Included : Ultra Thin Single Blade Nipper Cutter , Leather Protection Cover , Maintenance Oil

For Precise Cutting Plastic Models and Sprue Gate below 3mm.

Superior Sharpness & Clean Cutting

Do Not use on cutting Metal, Brass, Resin , Nylon etc.

Precautions for use and maintenance instructions:

1. For plastic model making, please do not use it except for model making purposes.

2. Because the tip of the cutting pliers is very sharp, please be careful not to get hurt when using it.

3. If it is dropped from a high place or hit by a hard object, it may cause damage to the function of the product.

4. Can not be used to cut hard or thick materials (such as metal rods, resin parts, wooden materials, etc.)

5. If the angle of force is twisted and the blade breaks, the blade will fly out, which is very dangerous.

6. When using by children under 10 years old, please do it under the guidance of parents.

7. Water or sweat stains on the surface may rust for a long time. Please wipe it off with a dry cloth after use.

8. Please keep it out of reach of children.