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Gunprimer Raser Plus Original Edition 01 R-GR-P1

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Barcode: 8809898440019


Raser Plus Original Edition 01

The first design of RASER PLUS was inspired by the Iron Throne from "Game of Thrones," symbolizing the supremacy of unrivaled quality.

The name RASER is derived from combining the two words GATE + ERASER. It's a new concept of sanding tools that leaves no scratches when removing gate-marks.

Introducing the new heavy duty RASER. Experience the new powerful gate-mark remover.

RASER + is a sanding tool specialized for removing gates. It has a power of 220 grit and the sanded surface is finished without leaving any scratches. 

5mm increase in size for improved grip and performance when removing thick gate-marks.

  • TYPE: Original Edition 01
  • SIZE / WEIGHT: 20 x 65 x 5mm / 18g
  • Made in Korea

Heavy Duty Gate Remover

The RASER PLUS's 5mm thickness provides powerful sanding performance with its improved grip and weight, and it's effective for thick gate removal.

Easily Removes Thick Gates

When removing the gate with sandpaper, several processes are required to remove scratches on the surface. In contrast, RASER PLUS makes it easy to remove the gate without scratching the surface.

Super-Nano Technology

Innovative dot-type abrasive with the Super-Nano Technology features a scratch-free surface when removing gates.

Incomparable Difference

All RASER Series have incomparably finer, sharper, and high-density dot-type abrasive than the typical glass file and are optimized for plastics.

Smooth and Scratch-Free

All RASER series have smoothed edges to prevent scratches on the surface while using.


01 Cleaning

Residues stuck on the RASER PLUS‘s surface can decrease performance. Wipe with water or masking tape to remove any residue after each use. If cleaning with water, dry completely before using.

02 Storage

RASER PLUS is made of tempered glass and it's unbreakable under normal use. However, it may be damaged by external impacts or falling. Always store in a storage case when not in use.

03 Uses

Use RASER PLUS only for plastics (PS/ABS).