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Edinburgh | Capital Sci-Fi Con 2024


We are really excited to announce that we are going to be at Capital Sci-Fi Con in Edinburgh this February. This will be our first ever con and we are can't wait to bring our roboty wares to the show.

We will of course be selling a hangers worth of Gunpla along with many other lines including Bandai's Figure-Rise Standard Dragon Ball, Digimon, Demon Slayer and many more.

We will also have a selection of our extensive hobby tools ranges from DSPIAEGunprimerHobbyMioMr. HobbyStudioG and Tamiya. And lots of anime figures!

Doors are open on February 17th and 18th from 10am to 5pm. Book tickets here!
This years convention will be held at the O2 Academy (Corn Exchange) in south west Edinburgh and we will be exhibiting in the Baron Suite.
Capital Sci-Fi Con is a fantastic event that is managed by Children’s Hospices Across Scotland (CHAS). They do wonderful work supporting the families of children with shortened life expectancies to give them the best quality of life. All profits made by the event team goes directly to the hospice.

Batman with tiny Harley Quinn

In addition to all the sellers and artists, there is the Cosplay Competition.

Guest appearances including Paul McGann, Joseph Marcel, Jimmy Vee, James Mackenzie and many others).

Film and TV props on display and lots of activities for kids and adults.


We look forward to seeing you this February.

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Gundam: Requiem for Vengeance


Yesterday the second teaser trailer for Gundam: Requiem for Vengeance was released showcasing more footage and a clear look at the Netflix series' design for the iconic Zaku-II.

First announced at Anime Expo 2023 (AX2023) it is not to be confused with the live-action Gundam film directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts. At this time there as yet to be much news on this production, though it does feature some very promotional material. You can understand some fans initial misunderstanding. Requiem for Vengeance is directed by Erasmus Brosdau and written/produced by Gavin Hignight (Transformers: War for Cybertron, Avengers Assemble, Tekkan Bloodline)

The series will consist of six 30 minute episodes following a Zeon mobile suit team on the European front during the One Year War. Although the line between good and bad in the the franchise is often blurred, the Federation is usually playing the role of the protagonist. This may be the first time that Zeon will be taking the stage is the de facto good guys, at least from the what we have seen so far. Of the pilots we have seen our protagonists is named Iria Sorari. Details on their background and story are still unknown but we can imagine we will have a morally stretched character seeking a resolution to conflict while finding that the nature of war is not so black and white. Typically what we know and love from a Gundam protagonist; although I may be wrong.

Zeon forces marching through the streets of abandoned European suburb.

The trailer opens with grim imagery of now deserted European suburbs in the throng of the Autumn sun. The Zeon forces march through the streets; reminiscent of the German army spreading across western Europe. This tone seems to follow throughout the trailer and to be expected in the finished series. An aerial perspective of the deployment of mobile suits from a Gaw gives us the first look at Kimitoshi Yamane's Zaku designs. We also get an intimate moment with (presumably Iria Sorari) hold a beautifully rendered pocket watch bearing a Principality of Zeon insignia.

Zeon pilot examining pocket watch before deployment.

It is clear that we can expect a lot of influence from classic war films. Hignight cited Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt (2015 -2017) and Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team (1996) as being influential to the project. We can only hope that the love that the fanbase has for 8th MS Team transfers to this new series. Mobile Suit Gundam: Cucuruz Doan's Island (2022) was intended to have themes similar to Apocalypse Now. You could argue that to be true but the grit and raw humanity that is to be expected from a comparison like that did not translate. Saying that, the film itself does has its' own merit and I did find myself thoroughly enjoying myself.

Looking forward to the new Zaku kits based on this design.

From the deployment we are treated to explosive energy and drama of war that still captures that cold, autumn atmosphere on the western front. We resolve with our protagonist looking out the fires of war as the shadow of a Gundam comes into view. It's eyes glow red and the footage cuts. From looking at the trailer I assume this is a new Gundam, instead of a redesign of the RX-78-2. Maybe something along the lines of the Gundam Ground Type from 8ht MS team.

Shadow of War.

There is still no date for the release of Requiem for Vengeance, but we can assume we won't have long to wait. The series is being made in Unreal Engine 5 by SUNRISE and SAFEHOUSE Inc. Presented by Bandai Namco Filmworks Inc. Present.

Bandai Namco Filmworks Inc. Present

SUNRISE Production

Co-Production: SAFEHOUSE Inc.

Director: Erasmus Brosdau

Executive producers: Makoto Asanuma, Naohiro Ogata, Taiki Sakurai, Gavin Hignight

Animation Producer/Sound Director: Hiroaki Yura

Producer: Ken Iyadomi

Writer: Gavin Hignight

Character design: Manuel Augusto Dischinger Moura

Mechanical design: Kimitoshi Yamane

Director of Photography: Junpei Kasaoka

Music: Wilbert Roget,II

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A guide to Gundam grades and sizes

Building Gunpla may be as simple as spending an hour or as complex as spending months or years producing a masterpiece. There is something for everyone in the world of Gunpla.

The "grades" of Gunpla model kits will be described in detail on this page as a resource for those new to the hobby. So that when browsing our page, you have a good understanding of what you are going through.

In the early days of Gunpla, the kits were quite different from what we see now. The way kits are put together has undergone a significant shift. In contrast to today's snap-on pieces, Gunpla needed adhesive to be assembled. In addition to being unable to be posed, these Mobile Suit Gundam were also far less "mobile" than their name indicates.

The 1/144 scale is the most appropriate one for a novice, to begin with. It is strongly recommended that you finish this Gundam kit before going on to kits of other scales.

Evaluations are based on the work's overall quality and the degree of expertise required.

Super Deformed SD
"Super Deformed" kits are the smallest in terms of size. It is easy to identify SD kits because of their large heads and malformed body proportions, making them suitable for beginners and youngsters.

Higher Grade HG
It is moulded in colours that don't need to be painted since they are high quality. This is the easiest level for beginning players.

Real Grade RG
Real Grade has the same proportion as their High-Grade counterparts (1/144), although they have more detail than the High-Grade versions. These come with an inner structure that may be layered behind the armour and outward pieces. It is similar to a skeleton in appearance. Because of this, the Gundam model may be posed in various ways.

Master Grade MG
These have intricate details, most of which come with skeleton frames. The Master Grade designation denotes their superior quality. Before acquiring a Master Grade kit, a person should first construct a few Gundam 1/144 model kits independently.

Perfect Grade PG
Perfect Grade commonly known as PG kits are one of the largest kits that are available on the market (except the Mega Size ones), and their 1/60 scale makes them stand out in any Gundam collection. Mega Size kits are the only other kits that can compete in size. Please don't allow that Perfect Grades kits cost to deter you from making this investment since you will receive your money's worth from it. Perfect Grades kits have the highest pricing.

Remember to Enjoy
There is something special about making something with one's own two hands. It is inspiring to see each piece come together once I have cut it. When I finish putting together my Gundam model kit, I'll be satisfied knowing that I've accomplished something independently.

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OmniEarth Ltd Announced as UK Exclusive Distributor for Premium Model Paint Range ‘GPaint’

Edinburgh based model kit and hobby specialist ‘OmniEarth’ have announced their position as the UK and EU’s exclusive distributor of the model market’s premium choice, ‘GPaint’.

Designed specifically to meet the hobbyist need for the very highest quality of premium paint ranges, GPaint has established a reputation within the model niche as the paint of choice for those passionate about kit building, Gundam, 3d printing and airbrushing crafts. The brand has successfully expanded across 18 countries worldwide and the partnership with OmniEarth will open the range up to the UK market, directly.

GPaint is a lacquer-based, primerless paint that can be used straight from the bottle, as it has already been pre-thinned to assure exceptional versatility across a broad spectrum of hobbyist applications - from small detail hand painting to airbrush spraying. The GPaint Ultimate Start series is available in 8 different colours (with an ability to blend for unique tones) and as of March 2022, the brand also launched a unique Ultimate Metallic Series with a further 8 colour options – all of which are designed to be scratch resistant, making it suitable for all levels of experience.

OmniEarth founder Qian Li commented: “We’re thrilled to be the GPaint sole distributor for both the UK and EU markets. The range of paints offer the hobbyist niche with an unbeatable and high-end product series, perfect for the beginner and expert alike. The GPaint name has grown rapidly across the world, and we’re committed to providing UK consumers with access to the world’s leading model paint.”

Qian continued: “In addition to the consumer market, we’re also able to supply the GPaint range on a B2B basis with preferential wholesale prices. We’d encourage UK businesses of all sizes to get in touch to discuss exciting new opportunities to stock GPaint and expand their offerings.”

GPaint has already expanded into more than 18 countries worldwide, bringing the world’s premium model paint range closer to the consumer. To find your local UK or EU stockist, please visit the official website at https://omniearth.co.uk/

For GPaint Wholesale Related enquires please contact info@omniearth.co.uk

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