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GSI Mr.Hobby TMS02 30MM 30 Minutes Missions Marker Basic Set

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Barcode: 4973028507737

This is felt tipped or other porous-tipped pens and markers.

The second marker set for 30MM is now available!

The set includes colors that can be used for both the Earth Allied Forces and the Byron Forces' aircraft colors.

You can unify the coloring of the aircraft assembled with various parts, or change the color of the aircraft to the specifications of the captured aircraft, this product allows a wide range of ways to play.

This paint marker set was made especially for your "30 Minutes Missions" (30MM) figures and mecha! These highly versatile markers will let you add colour to your favourite soldiers and vehicles with ease.

  • TM07 — 30MM White (flat tip)
  • TM08 — 30MM Blue Purple (fine tip)
  • TM09 — 30MM Green (fine tip)
  • TM10 — 30MM Dark Khaki Green (flat tip)
  • TM11 — 30MM Dark Gray (fine tip)
  • TM12 — 30MM Gray Sumi-ire Pour Type Panel Lining Pen