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Barcode: 4950344071784

Tamiya Extra Thin Cement Quick Set is a popular modellers' adhesive that can let you work faster than before! This quick-drying solution dries four times quicker than Tamiya Extra Thin Cement, allowing you to save time while keeping your components in place! It also has a lower propensity for seeping out of component joints.

The cement shortens the time it takes to build models while also providing a cleaner finish. In addition, it's very liquid and can flow into even the tiniest crevices, making it ideal for securing pieces in cramped areas. It can also be used to join pieces that have been hand-fitted.

This transparent extra thining cement is also popular with modellers because it has a lower propensity to seep out of component joints.

A convenient applicator brush is included in the bottle cap.

Tamiya's fastest-setting cement is 40ml. Small crevices and tiny places are no problem for this product. The applicator brush is included. This product can be used with Tamiya models or other popular manufacturers.