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Tamiya 74060 Micro Hammer (4 Replaceable Heads)

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Barcode: 4950344062553

This is a tool for use in model assembly.

This lightweight portable mini-hammer is a must have in your R/C or Dangun tool kit for those soft-touch adjustments. Consisting of steel and reinforced plastic, this hammer has the perfect balance of solidity with a refined design. Kit includes 4 types of heads, allowing you to choose the most appropriate head for the material to be used. The 4 heads include an iron head (flat), iron head (round), brass head and nylon head. Brass or nylon heads are recommended for use with materials that damage or bruise easily.

Overall length: 180mm
A lightweight portable mini-hammer perfect for R/C or Dangun Racer fans.
Includes a case for storing spare heads.