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SONIC Desktop Vacuum Cleaner Susie Battery-powered SK-4872-B, blue

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Barcode: 4970116042378

Compact and powerful desktop vacuum cleaner

A compact battery-powered desktop vacuum cleaner that can be used anywhere.

Quickly and easily clean the eraser scraps and work dust after studying!

Achieves surprisingly powerful suction while being driven by batteries.

As it is compact and cordless, it is very useful for a little cleaning. You don't have to bring a heavy vacuum cleaner.

Even children can easily operate it with the touch of a switch, so you can enjoy cleaning after studying.

It has a function to detect the heat generated by the motor and shut off the power, so it is safe for small children.

Exhaust goes up. There is no need to worry about dust around you being blown up by the sideways exhaust, which is common with desktop cleaners.

・ Uses 2 AA batteries (sold separately)