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Free Gundam or Anime PVC waterproof sticker for every order.

Shachihata Artline BLOX Sign Pen, Water-based, Set of 12 Colors, KTX-200/12W

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Barcode: 4974052331305

Select the writing tools you use often, connect them and carry them together! Multiple pens can be connected together.

Unique Writing Instrument Body Side Is Uneven.

Writing Instrument Uneven Pattern Is Attached To The Two Sides Of The Triangle Of The Body. A Concave And Convex Surfaces Can Be Joined Together Like A Block,

It Mochiaruke Frequently Used Writing Instruments Are Summarized In The Compact. Or Draw Pictures And Illustrations.

Is A Water-Based Felt-Tip Pen Narrow That Easy To Write On, Such As Notes And Letters Of The Lesson.