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Seed Clear Radar 100 Eraser [EP-CL100]

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Barcode: 4906643013703

Japanese Stationery company Seed, who has been producing high-performance and high-quality plastic erasers since the 1950s, has developed a translucent alternative that let you see what you are erasing.

The Clear Radar combines an excellent erasing ability with the entire body is transparent so that users can be sure they are erasing what is necessary.Made of transparent plastic, the innovative Clear Radar eraser makes it easy to erase precisely and thoroughly. The flexible material erases cleanly with just a light touch and is easy to grip. Due to its soft quality, the shavings are clumps rather than messy dust. Even the plastic eraser sleeve is thoughtfully designed: it features notches in its corners that disperse the pressure between the eraser and sleeve, thus reducing nicks and breaks.

And of course, it looks super cool!