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Pentel Multi-function Pen Super Multi-8 leads set of 8 types PH803ST

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Barcode: 4902506314352


"Pentel Super Multi 8 Set" that performs 8 in 1

The "Super Multi 8 Set" has been released in the series of "Multi 8" which became popular with colored pencils set.

This colored pencil has been reverberated as a compact and portable pencil.

Unlike the "Multi 8" colored pencils, this product is a mix of ballpoint pens and mechanical pens.This is a multi-functional writing instrument that can be used at the same time, and the addition of fluorescent colors makes it a professional multi-functional writing tool that can be used in a variety of situations.

Easy to use.

This "Super Multi 8 Set" measures 15 grams in diameter of 17mm x depth 13mm x length 140mmRefill includes black, red, blue ballpoint pen and PPC non-copy (light blue), fluorescent pink, red, and HB (normal pencil core, not black colored pencils).

Since it is a colored pencil set, it is suitable for drawing, drawing, and drawing, but the Super Multi 8 also comes with a ballpoint pen and a mechanical pen, so you can easily see the coloring pencils for marking your schedule using both to make it easier to see the rhythm of your daily routine.It is different from the ink of a marker pen, so it does not bleed through even thin paper so it is recommended for a clean finish.

[Usage and Precautions]

1. Adjust the clip to whatever you want to use while checking the transparent window on the side.

2. Knock the tip and knock it to the perfect length.(Please note that the zipper stays open while knocking) When you change the color, always return the wick and turn the clip.