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Pentel Ain Stein 0.5mm 2H Refill Lead

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Barcode: 4902506269287


The Pentel Ain Stein Leads are a refill lead from the high-performance family and are stronger and darker than many regular leads. Its Porous, ceramic cell structure provides regularity of shape and exceptional strength. The tube has an easy-open rotating lid with eye-catching vivid colours. The Ain Stein leads are super strong and have been made by improving the performance of Pentel's existing lead in one of its most important features: strength. A ceramic frame holds the lead firmly in place from the inside. In pencil leads, density and strength are usually inversely related. The stronger it gets, the lower the density. The more the Blackness, the weaker it gets. Pentel's Ain Stein Lead employs a different production method that merges the two properties making a super strong Lead.


About 10% stronger than any other Pentel refill lead thanks to a ceramic cell structure
Supplied in easy to dispense, swivel-top tubes
Smoother than other refill leads on the market
Suitable for all 0.5mm mechanical pencils
40 leads per tube
Made from 92% recycled material
Percentage based on total weight of product excluding refill leads