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MAX HD-10TL Stapler High Tech Professional Grade HD-10TLK

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Barcode: 4902870835828 4902870835835 4902870835842 4902870835859



  • Edge stapling with colorful plastic cover
  • Highest loading capacity in No.10 stapler series with up to 3 staple strips
  • Comes in 4 colors selection: black, green, blue and pink
  • Light effort: unique twin lever mechanism with “rolling fulcrum”
  • 15mm wide frontage allows easy insertion onto stationery holder
  • One touch open loading
  • Conventional clinch
  • Built-in staple removal


  • Product name: HD-10TLK (HD-10TL)
  • Staples: No.10-1M
  • Stapling capacity: 20 sheets(64gsm) / 16 sheets(80gsm)
  • Loading capacity: 150 staples
  • Dimensions: W29 x D109 x H58(mm)
  • Weight(Net): 135g
  • Insertion depth: 53mm