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LIHIT LAB PuniLabo Stick Scissor - White Cat A7803-7

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Barcode: 4903419844660


Stick-shaped scissors that are convenient to carry. The blade length is about 46 mm. Silicone grip that fits in your hand. Since it is a stick type, it can be stored in a pen case. With a strap that can be hung. The cap is a type that can be opened by turning it. It is one of the popular LIHIT LAB. Silicon material series "PuniLabo" series.

● With a strap that can be hung.

● Silicone rubber grip that fits in your hand.

● Can be used by hanging it in a refrigerator.

● Can be stored compactly in a pen case.

Size: 14.4 x 1.6 x 1.6 cm; 31g

Material: [Main body / cap] ABS resin, [Main body cover] Silicone rubber , [Blade] Stainless steel