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Lihit Lab Punilabo Slim Zipper Pouch Black Cat A7717-3

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Barcode: 4903419829001

Ideal for pen cases and toothbrush pouches.

Easy to open with a double zipper.

There is also a cat pattern.

The slim fastener pouch of the PuniLabo series allows you to carry your favorite stationery compactly. Made of water-resistant silicone, it can be washed and cleaned, so it is also recommended for toothbrush pouches.

With this PuniLabo Slim Fastener Pouch, you can carry your favorite stationery compactly. We recommend you use it as toothbrush pouch as well because the material is water resistant silicon.

Size: 20.07 x 4.83 x 3.05 cm; 100 g