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Kuretake Zig Clean Colour Real Brush Set of 12 colours RB-6000AT/12VA

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Barcode: 4901427193084

Kuretake Set of 12 Clean Color Real Brush Pens That Can Be Blended Like Watercolors. Unlike Many Brush Pens The Clean Color Range Has A Real Brush With Proper Bristle Tip and Is Capable Of Creating Very Fine Lines Making Them Ideal For Design, Art, Illustration, Cartoonists and Comic Book Drawings. Water Based Dye Ink Is Odourless and Xylene Free.

Brush type of color pen.

Illustrations and design, you can use the comics, such as a wide range of applications.

Draw fine because writing brush, solid color freely!

Black,Carmine,Pink,Blue,Cobalt,Green,Light Green,Yellow,Brown,Orange,Violet,Gray