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Kokuyo Stapleless Stapler Harinacs Compact

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Barcode: 4901480315492 4901480315515 4901480315522 4901480315539


● Palm-sized compact type / Compact body with focus on ease of use.

● Light and smooth operation feeling / Newly designed blade reduces the burden of binding paper by about 20%. (Compared to our company when binding 5 sheets)

● How to bind 2Way / Easy to grip lever shape that can be held in a natural manner.

● Adopts an edge blade that does not easily come off when stitched.

● Bind the paper without using the needle / You can bind the paper without using the needle, so there is no need to replenish the needle. In addition, there is no need to separate the bound paper when it is discarded, and there is no need to worry about the needle getting mixed into other things.

● You can check the position of the binding hole / Because it has a confirmation window, you can bind the paper while checking the position of the binding hole.

● Since it can be bound at both corners and sides, it is a single-end binding type, so you can freely bind both corners and sides. There is also a convenient marker for corner binding.

● Easy removal of paper waste / Binding hole position confirmation window is openable so paper waste and paper dust can be easily removed when a binding error occurs.

● With strap hole / Strap hole for convenient carrying.