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KOKUYO GLOO 2 ways Tape Glue Firmly stick type Size M

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Barcode: 4901480345154

● Can be turned to switch between storage and use. There are two stages to hold.

● The cap closes when you store it, so you don't have to worry about dust getting inside.

● Because it is a dot type glue, it can be applied neatly without stringing the glue.

● Economical because the tape is replaceable.

● The paper does not wrinkle and has a beautiful finish.

● Because it is tape-shaped, it is not sticky and does not stain your hands, and it adheres quickly.

● Compact design that makes it easy to see where to apply.

● Since the tip is a roller, it is smooth and light. Work is smooth with reliable gluing.

● Uses environmentally friendly non-solvent glue.

● ACID FREE: Adopts glue that suppresses acid that causes discoloration of photos and paper based on our own standards. Ideal for scrapbooking, etc.

● ・ For closing envelopes. -For pasting receipts, etc. -For wrapping and packaging. ・ For cutting and pasting newspapers and magazines.

● Materials / body case, refill case: R-ABS

● Refill type


Rotating head and compact design

-The tape glue head rotates around and fits in the main body, making it a compact and portable design.

-The head is fixed at two different angles and designed so that it can be held in two ways.

-Since the lid closes automatically when the head is stored, dust is less likely to adhere to the adhesive surface while preventing the cap from being lost or forgotten to be closed.

Economical exchange type

・ The tape is exchangeable, so it is economical.