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HobbyMio Toothpaste High Density Putty

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Barcode: 6972852113815 6972852113792 6972852113808

This product is a colored paste-like soil filling, which contains 20% nitro solvent, and can be firmly attached to the surface of the workpiece after smearing. After drying, the texture is fine and the sanding feels comfortable. Sanding can be done in about 30 minutes after application, thanks to its quick-drying formula. It can also be diluted with nitro solvent before use.
Please note: It is suitable for workpiece shrinkage repair, surface damage repair, glue stealing filling, drop filling and other operations.
Matters needing attention: Toothpaste PUTTY material is delicate and low in hardness. If the thickness of the stolen glue is greater than 3MM, it is better to use HobbyMio AB EPOXY PUTTY for filling.

Applicable to 14 years old and above.