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100g(Component A 50g + Component B 50g)
  • Ready for mixing, filling, gluing operations within 60 minutes.
  • Shaping operations can be performed within 180 minutes.
  • After 12 hours of complete hardening, it can be used for cutting, grinding, engraving and other operations.(please be aware,The time is a rough reference range, the curing speed will be different due to the ambient temperature and humidity.)

AB component clays are made of soft clay, which is easy to mix and operate, and the surface is fine and free of bubbles after drying. It can be firmly adhered to the surface of common materials (plastic, metal, familiar, glass, masonry, etc.), and the shrinkage rate after drying and curing is less than 1%. After curing, the operation of grinding, engraving, engraving, etc. is comfortable, and the color is not easy to fade after spraying. Unused filling soil can be stored in the dark and low temperature to maintain performance for a long time.

Applicable to 14 years old and above.