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Gunprimer Sand-Loop Flat SL-M

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Barcode: SL-M220-H SL-M320-H SL-M400-H SL-M600-H

Sand-Loop Flat

Attention: Make sure to select the correct grit you want when ordering.

Grits: #220 / #320 / #400 / #600

The SAND-LOOP is GUNPRIMER's high-performance sandpaper line-up made based on the ultra-precision sandpaper used on the semiconductor manufacturing process which has superior durability and grinding capability compared to conventional sandpapers. It provides the ultimate sanding experience.

SAND-LOOP is ultra-precision sandpaper, compatible with RASER THE BLACK and MINI HANDLE. The adhesive on the back makes it easy to attach and detach to the dedicated handle. Alternatively, it can be cut into any desired size for stand-alone use without using a dedicated handle. Its superior durability provides high quality and long-lasting sanding experiences and it can be used for both dry and wet sanding. Strong and sharp SAND-LOOP enables faster and more precise sanding.

Each sheet is made in a standard size that can be used with any GUNPRIMER's dedicated handles or stand-alone use.

*For RASER THE BLACK: Capacity of up to 26 times replacement

*For MINI HANDLE: Capacity of up to 20 times replacement

Size: 61*210mm
Includes 2 sheets per grit