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Gunprimer Master Guide 2.0 PMG2

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  • SKU: PMG-S220
  • SKU: PMG-S320
  • SKU: PMG-S2F
  • SKU: PMG-S3F
  • Size: 78 x 107mm
  • Material: Paper + PET


  • 1 sheet per design

The MASTER GUIDE 2.0 is an upgraded set of precut guides perfect for using on the plastic models. It is very convenient and can be quickly used with ease.

Pre-drawn measuring markings make it easy to check the exact location and spacing when scribing panel lines on the surfaces and helps reduce eye stress.

The newly improved guides have stronger and more flexible material that adheres well on the angled surfaces and it can be reused multiple times due to its excellent adhesion characteristics.


Top surface material: Paper

The top surface is made of paper with marked lines at an interval of 1mm (thin line) and 5 mm (thick line) for easy measuring without the need to draw your own markings before scribing.


Bottom surface material: PET

The bottom surface is made of strong PET which helps in scribing perfect straight lines and it can be used multiple times due to its excellent adhesion characteristics.

DSC02573 사본.jpg

The MASTER GUIDE 2.0 tape and its measuring lines are clearly visible on any surface regardless of its color. The matte surface is glare-free and it helps to reduce eye stress.

DSC02575 사본.jpg

The MASTER GUIDE 2.0 now uses stronger and  more flexible materials that adheres well on the angled surfaces. Accurate markings in increments of 1mm and 5mm intervals help users measure lengths with ease. 


Four different types of guides available to choose from depending on your scribing style needs.




Pre-cut into short length

  •  Width 2mm x Length 20mm 



Pre-cut into short length

  •  Width 3mm x Length 20mm 

The PMG2-S220 & PMG2-S320 are pre-cut into shorter guides (2mm length) that can be used right out of the package just like a sticker. It's best for smaller parts or for creating complex patterns.



  •  Width 2mm (Free-length type) 


  •  Width 3mm (Free-length type) 

Free-length guide tapes can be cut into any desired lengths. PMG2-S2F & PMG2-S3F are "free-length" guide tapes which can be cut into any desired lengths. It's best for larger parts or to create simple panel lines.