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GSI Mr.Hobby Mr Procon PS-290 Boy LWA Trigger Type Airbrush 0.5mm nozzle

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Barcode: 4973028135176


A trigger type suitable for blowing a large area. Spraying with the action of pulling the trigger lightens the burden on the finger, and greatly improves the workability of painting for a long time, especially in a large area. By replacing the attached two types of tip nozzle caps, it is possible to switch between normal and wide spray patterns, expanding the range of applications. The air-up mechanism is carried. With a large capacity 15cc cup.

* When used in combination with a drain and dust catcher, it will be easier to grip and work efficiency will improve.

* Since this machine requires a certain pressure or more for spraying, it is not compatible with Mr. Linear Compressor Petit Computer and Petit Computer Cute. When sprayed with Petit Computer, the particles may become coarse.

Set contents

● Conversion joint for 1/8 (S) → PS (thin)

● Air hose (PS thin, 1m)

● Air adjustment valve

● Dedicated wrench