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GSI Mr.Hobby GMS113 Gundam Marker Real Touch Marker Set 2 (6 Piece)

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Barcode: 4973028035346

Product Overview

A pack of 6 Real Touch Gundam Markers for providing a very nice, subtle touch of detail for your completed model kits. Meant for reproducing weathering effects like grime, battle damage, stains, and also for panel lining. Includes Real touch gray 3, Real touch brown, Real touch green, Real touch yellow, Real touch pink, Grading (Blending) marker. Convenient set for realistic weathering and smudging painting effects. This is a set of water-based wipe off type markers.


  • Colors include Red, Yellow, Blue, Gray, Dark Blue and a blending marker
  • 6 brush type markers for producing weathering effects
  • Paint can aso be extracted into a small tray to be handbrushed on