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GSI Mr.Hobby GM01 Gundam Marker Black Extra Fine Tip For Panel Lining (Renewal)

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Barcode: 4973028506877

This is felt tipped or other porous-tipped pens and markers.

Gundam Marker Smear/Ultra-Fine Type can be used for carving concave lines and depressions on Gundam model kits to give them more body and emphasize their three-dimensional appearance.

It can easily increase the realism of the model without painting.

If you use it on an unpainted part, you can use an eraser to erase any parts that stick out.

There are three colors available, so use different colors depending on the color of the object to be painted and the method of expression.

Examples of use

Black: For white and dark-colored parts such as blue and gray, and for strong, solid expressions.

Gray: For white and other light-colored parts and for slightly restrained expression.

Brown: For red and gold-plated parts.

This product is designed to be applied directly on top of molded plastic parts of Gundam plastic models. When used over the painted surface of Gundam Marker, Mr. Color, Gundam Color, or water-based Hobby Color, it will melt the painted surface and may leave smudges on the overflowed parts. Also, please note that the melted paint may clog the felt tip of the pen, making it difficult to draw out the ink.

*When using on painted surfaces, please use a wipe-off type SUMI-ILEPEN (GM20/21) or a mechanical pencil type GP01.