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GSI Creos Mr Hobby MS-232 Mr Mark Setter - 40ml

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Barcode: 4973028922394

GSI Creos Mr Hobby Mr Mark Setter - 40ml MS-232

Mr. Mark Setter is an adhesive component, which gives decals greater adhesion to plastic parts. It is much easier to affix decals to plastic model part where the parts either have a rough or irregular surface.

First, the area to which the decal will be affixed is painted and then the decal is applied.

After any air bubbles are removed by pressing on the decal with a cotton swab, a coating of Mr.Mark Setter is applied and allowed to dry. Because the decal now has a greater degree of adhesion, adhesive silvering (the floating and shiny quality of the clear parts of decals) will be greatly reduced or eliminated, and decals can be firmly affixed to uneven surfaces. It is perfect even for poorly made decals. Decals will have greater adhesion if the painted surface is prepared with a gloss finish.

Volume: 40ml