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Carson Paint Killer Remover 100ML Bottle for X/XF/TS/AS/PC

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Barcode: 4005299981135

Paintkiller paint remover 100 ml

This paint remover removes all X- and XF-paints, AS- and TS-spray colours, PC- and PS-Lexan colours as well as many other paint systems up to 2-K paints.

But the best thing is that these paints are removed without that the base material like plastic, lexan, resins, metals or model glazings are attacked.

Experiments have shown that even 10 year old paint coatings of Tamiya Color Acrylic paint effortlessly of tanks, aircrafts or similar models can be removed effortlessly. This means that annoying painting failures of the past can be retouched without any problem. Naturally, the old polycarbonate colours can also be removed with this.