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Bandai Figure Rise Standard Metal Garurumon (Amplified)

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Barcode: 4573102595546

From 'Digimon Adventure' "metal galumon" appears in the Figure-rise Standard [AMPLIFIED] series.

■A three-dimensional drawing of As'Maria's plastic model illustration under official supervision.

■ You can experience a high degree of satisfaction with the division of parts with attention to details including color coding.

■ With the gimmick of each part boasting an overwhelming range of motion, it is possible to produce the characteristic posing of metal galumon.

■ The body is flexible and reproduces the animal posture.

■ Wide range of movement at the base of forefoot creates a natural pose.

■ When opening the mouth, the upper jaw slides downward to realize natural opening and closing of the jaw.

■ New armed form with joint parts. The special technique effect is attached with clear parts.

■ Propose original infinite ways to enjoy plastic models such as gimmick of beam wing.

■ It can be combined with the attached action base for a more dynamic posing.


■ 1 action base

■ 1 foil seal