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1/144 RG 28 Tallgeese EW

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Barcode: 4573102630858

1/144 Real Grade Tallgeese EW

This product is a 1/144 scale plastic-injection model kit featured in the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

The primary mobile suit used by the series' antagonist Zechs Merquise; the 0Z-00MS Tallgeese is a prototype general-purpose mobile suit that served as the original mobile suit in the After Colony Gundam universe, including the 5 Gundams. The RG line is intended to represent the realization of what a mobile suit would be like in real life. Other Gundam Wing kits included in the RG line are the Wing Gundam EW, Wing Gundam (TV) and Wing Gundam Zero EW.

Tools are required for the preparation and construction of this product.

Recommend: Cutting mat, nippers, hobby knife, and sanding files.


  • Dober Gun X 1

  • Shield X 1

  • Beam Saber X 2

  • Foil sticker decals

  • Sticker decals