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1/144 30MM Customize Material 04 (Cyber Effect / Multi-Joint)

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Barcode: 4573102650283

This is a set of optional parts for modifying or detailing robot and other science-fiction kits.

Bandai brings us a new brand of official material parts: welcome the "Customize Material" lineup!

This "Cyber Effect/Multi Joint" set comes with an effect sheet for cyber motifs of wings and circles; a runner set with multi-joints essential for customization is also included, with 3mm joints, C-type type joints, and detail cover parts (round, hexagonal and roll-bar type). Use the joint parts to connect the effect sheets to 3mm-diameter holes!

Get ready to create your ultimate custom mecha, and order yours today!


  • Wing effect part
  • Joint parts for wing effect part (x1 set)
  • Circle effect part
  • Multi-joints