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1/100 Full Mechanics The Witch From Mercury Gundam Aerial

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Barcode: 4573102650900

The all-new Gundam Aerial is being brought to Bandai's Full Mechanics series!

The mechanical detail of the mobile suit is meticulously realised in 1/100 scale. The distinctive "Shell Unit" surfaces on the upper torso and upper thighs are beautifully reproduced using a layer of 3D moulded reflective material and another layer of clear material, creating a feeling of depth and luminosity.


  • Hands x6
  • Beam Sabre x2
  • Shield x1 (Can be separated into "GUND-BIT" mobile turrets or attached to various parts of the armour and beam rifle)
  • Blade effect x1
  • Beam Rifle x1
  • Marking stickers