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Tohkin Slide Clip Smart Clip Clear S/L (10pcs pack) SCC-S10M SCC-L10M

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Barcode: 4528011000155 4528011000513



  • Winner of the 2007 Good Design Long Life Design award
  • A paper clip that can be used repeatedly without using any equipment.
  • It can be easily pinched and removed with little force.
  • Light and small so it is not bulky
  • The gripper is made of stainless steel and does not rust easily, so it holds the bound paper carefully.
  • Economical because it can be used repeatedly.


  • S size: up to 30 sheets of regular paper (Clip size length 17 x width 15 x thickness 6 mm One weight: 1.0 g)
  • L size: up to 60 sheets of regular paper (Clip size length 25 x width 20 x thickness 10 mm One weight: 2.3 g)
  • LL size: up to 90 sheets of regular paper  (Clip size length 35 x width 26 x thickness 15 mm One weight: 4 g)