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Teranishi Chemical Aquatech Marker 12 color set MAQ50C-12

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Barcode: 4902071651661

This is a water-based pigment marker that does not smear on paper, has no back fog, and has no broken writing lines. It has excellent light resistance and water resistance, and is a dual-purpose type that can write both thin and thick lines with a single wire.

Recycled plastic is used for the container and cap, and it is a water-based marker that is friendly to people and the environment, and can be refilled with ink and the pen tip can be replaced.

It can be used not only for office supplies, but also as an art material and for children's drawing and hobbies.

● 12 colors set: black / red / blue / green / yellow / orange / sky blue / pink / purple / light orange / brown / yellow green