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Midori Shachihata Pencil Sharpener Kezuri Cap

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Barcode: 4974052336010 4974052336027 4974052336034 4974052336041

・ PET bottle turns into pencil sharpener!

・ Pencil sharp can be used attached to PET bottles finished drinking.

・ "Plastic pencil sharpener for PET bottle" which plenty of shavings in PET bottles, throw them all together at once. It is a product            that  can reduce worry of polluting the room with shavings.

・ You can effectively use it as a pencil sharpener by simply attaching a Kesri cap to an empty PET bottle.

・ When using 500 ml PET bottle, you can save the scrap of about 10 pencils.

・ Since they are thrown together all at once, the anxiety of polluting the room is alleviated.