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MAX HD-10XS Portable Stapler, Color Gimmick

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Barcode: 4902870804367 4902870806460 4902870806453

From Max stapler (MAX), this portable stapler comes with a compact design that folds into a small and compact size that can be stored in a pouch or pencil case.

・It is a cute "creature". The small and flat body is usually made to be a staple for one person when you use it.

How to Use:

Just open the body and slide the button to use it as a staple. To restore it, simply slide the button to close the body and return to the compact body when carrying it.

High Basic Performance:

Holds up to 10 sheets Conversion of PPC paper 64g/m2

Needle is loaded.

There are approximately 50 needles of No. 10-1M (10-1M) and are loaded into the main unit, so you can use it immediately.

The color gimmick is a portable stapler that can be stored in a pouch or pencil case for portability

[Binding Sheets] Up to 10 sheets *The number of sheets is conversion to PPC paper 64g/m2

[Needles] No. 10-1M (50 pieces already loaded in the main unit)