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LIHIT LAB PuniLabo Stand Pen Case Medium size - Black Cat A7712-3

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Barcode: 4903419819682

Silicone pen case which is able to transform into a pen stand. This  pen case that can hold about 15 pens and can also hold scissors and an 18 cm ruler.


Not many pencils cases are actually fun to play with, but this one is really quite cool. With its fun and colourful character designs, this stand-up pen case is sure to be a talking point amongst stationery lovers.

This  pen case that can hold about 15 pens and can also hold scissors and an 18 cm ruler. Pressing down the bottom of the pen case, this unique silicone pen case transforms into a pen stand on your desk. Each pen case is made from a soft, flexible silicone fabric. This Japanese Stationery item is both fun and functional and is sure to make the perfect unique gift.

Size: 19.6cm x 6.0cm x 6.0cm

Material: silicone rubber