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Kuretake Stationery Awards Karatop Pen Container with Bottom Tip without ink Set of 5

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Barcode: 4901427313703


Received the grand prize at the "Stationery Shop Grand Prize 2021"!

It is a hot topic now.

An empty container "empty pen" that allows you to make a pen with your favorite color ink.

It is easy to assemble and easy to carry, so you can color your notebook or notebook with your favorite ink color.

Comes with a round label that you can paint yourself and put on the top of the cap!

Writing line width 0.4mm

[How to make an empty pen]

1. Put the cotton core in the ink

2. Put the cotton core in the body

3. Lightly set the breech plug

4. Gently push in with the cap side facing up

5. Completed!

* Please use the ink created by Kuretake "ink-café My Color Ink Making / Kit to Enjoy at Home".

* Due to the characteristics of the material, the color of the ink and the color of the pen may differ.

* The tail plug cannot be removed after the pen is assembled and completed with the tail plug attached. (Ink cannot be replenished. It is used up.)