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Kokuyo Graphic Pasta Soft Markers - Fluorescent 5 Colour Set

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Barcode: 4901480345871

Kokuyo Graphic Pasta is an evolutionary marker that draws like a crayon but with water-based colours. It features vivid colours with a smooth drawing experience. A variety of effects can be created by shading and layering. The tip size of the marker is a square shape of 4 mm by 7 mm. 

Perfect for highlighting information for study or decorative purposes. Highlighting fountain pen ink is safer than with wet/ink highlighters (test in an inconspicuous area). It's something you didn't know you needed! 


This is a set of 5 Kokuyo Pasta highlighter pens in various fluorescent colors, which contains Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Blue, Fluorescent Yellow and Fluorescent Green.

Water-based gel marker with a smooth surface like crayon.

PASTA is the first release of Kokuyo Colors in the Kokuyo adult art supplies series developed with the desire to easily touch a new expression.

These solid graphic markers feature vivid colors with a clear feel and smooth drawing.

Beautiful and sophisticated packaging design by KIGI, a wide range of genres including product design and art direction.

Highly transparent and vibrant colors.

Comes in a resin case and is retractable so it is perfect for carrying without getting your hands dirty. There are 35 colors (5 colors are fluorescent colors) that can be used by professional drawers.

It is possible to create a one-of-a-kind reproduction of traditional art materials, such as the color of the color that is used in the dark, overlay, and the texture of the paper (texture).

Uses water-based gel that is difficult to bleed through paper, square cores that are easy to apply in small areas, and economical refill types, making it easy to use as a drawing material or as a line marker.

When dry, it does not dry or sticky, it can be used on a diary or notebook.

These "adult crayon" markers can be used for diary or notebook.

Since the color of the solid gel, it is difficult to bleed out even when used on thin paper such as a diary, so you can enjoy a feeling of pure expression with traditional writing instruments.

Also, the 4mm x 7mm square lead is suitable for even line and border.

It feels like a crayon, but unlike many crayons, it uses water-based gel, so it dries out of stickiness and is difficult to stain, so it can be used on a diary or notebook.