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Kitpas Bath Crayons - Set of 3 Colours - Red, Yellow & Grey

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Barcode: 4904085380834

A kit pass that allows you to enjoy drawing in the bath.

It is easy to draw on wet surfaces, and you can study and communicate happily in the bath.

Not only children but also adults can enjoy it.

It is easy to draw and erase, so you can use it repeatedly.

-Smooth writing allows you to draw clearly even on wet surfaces.

・ It floats even in a bathtub.

-A hexagon that is easy to hold and does not roll.

-Since the paper roll is made of water resistant paper, it will not tear even if it gets wet.

-Since it uses pigments that have passed safety standards, it can be used safely and securely.

* Turn it off after taking a bath.

Be sure to erase what you have drawn after taking a bath.

* When erasing, wash the color completely and wipe off the water droplets.

If you leave the color, it may not disappear.

* Materials that cannot be erased Some materials cannot be erased (wooden, tile joints, etc.).

Be sure to try it in an inconspicuous place and check that it can be erased before using it.

* If it does not disappear, apply a cream cleanser or chlorine bleach, leave it for a while, and then remove it. At that time, please use it based on how to use the detergent. Please note that depending on the surface condition, it may not be possible to completely erase even with this method.

Non-toxic crayons

Float on the bath water

Waterproof paper doesn't go mushy

Easy to wipe clean

Suitable from 3 years+