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Banpresto Dragon Ball BWFC Super Master Stars Piece The Bardock Manga Dimensions BP17685 17cm

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Bardock Super Master Stars Piece x BWFC (Manga Dimensions)
Find one of the most beautiful sculptures of the Bardock character with this figurine representing him in a position of alert following damage he would have received as evidenced by his general condition. This version has the manga dimensions effect (Two Dimensions) in order to give a rendering close to that of the manga paper.

The SMSP x BWFC Manga Dimensions Bardock figurine is a piece that will quickly become a collector's item for all fans of the Dragon Ball Z license.

Bardock figurine Bardock featuring the 2D Two Dimensions (Manga Dimensions) effect from the Super Master Stars Piece (SMSP) and BWFC collection for the Dragon Ball Z manga.

Barcode: 4983164176858