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Zebra CLICKART Moist Keep Ink Marker 12 Colors ST

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Barcode: 4901681382316

Zebra's knock-type water-based color pen, "Clickart" is now available!

The selling points of Clickart are "no cap", "does not dry", and "beautiful color".

For writing illustrations! For study notes! Color-coded notebooks for each subject for easy viewing.

Uses a new ink "Moist Keep Ink" that absorbs moisture in the air.

A new ink that repeatedly absorbs and evaporates moisture as the temperature changes.

In addition, a new combination of ingredients that are hard to evaporate!

So it won't dry without a cap.

Dissatisfaction with the use of color pens so far

1: Ink accidentally gets on my hands when I close the cap.

2: It is troublesome to open and close the cap.

3: If you forget to close the cap, the pen tip will dry out.

Clickart dispels these dissatisfactions with the three major merits of "no cap", "does not dry", and "color beauty"!

[ST12 color set/Standard colors] Black, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Light Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple, Grey, Brown

When using, a rubber cap is attached to the tip to ensure quality, so please remove it before use.