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Free Gundam or Anime PVC waterproof suitcase sticker for every order.

Tombow Play ColorK 6 Color GCF-611A Twin type 0.8mm 0.3mm

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Barcode: 4901991060249

A new PLAY COLOR for drawing thin and thick lines. Double tip and water-based ink.

Handy double tip marker

Double tip marker featuring ultrafine 0.3mm tip of 0.3 mm diameter and 0.8mm bold tip. A new durable tip with 40% improvement in durability! It will keep drawing perfectly even lines even after many uses. (Compared with previous version of the product)

Take neat notes!

The 0.3mm ultrafine tip can write small letters clearly! Organize your notes neatly using different line widths ♪

Draw pictures easily!

The new durable tip makes drawing easy. Ultra-durable tip to ensure clean lines for a long time.