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Tombow MONO Graph Basic Colors 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil DPA-132

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Barcode: 4901991059076 4901991059120 4901991059083 4901991059106 4901991059090

Mechanical pencil featuring "MONO Eraser" and "shake-mechanism." 

2014 Good Design Award

2016 Red Dot Award



2014 Good Design Award

2016 Red Dot Award (excluding the pastel-color mechanical pencil)


Mechanical pencil featuring "MONO Eraser" and "shake-mechanism."

Mechanical pencil featuring twist type "MONO Eraser" attached at the top.

The "shake mechanism," which advances the lead by shaking the pencil back and forth, and the "shake lock" enabled by pushing the clip upwards, to prevent unintentional lead advance when stored, Tombow guarantee of high-precision writing and erasability.

mono grahp

Twist type "MONO Eraser"

Twist to adjust the length of the eraser. Comes with a MONO quality eraser.

Featuring "shake mechanism"

To advance the lead: hold the pen nib down and shake it back and forth. There is no need to re-grip the pencil to advance the lead.

"Shake lock"

Push he clip up to enable the "shake lock" and prevent accidental advancing of the lead.

Advancing the lead by the side clip-knock

Lead can be advanced also by pushing down the clip.