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Pentel Multi-function pen multi-8 leads set of 8 types PH802ST

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Barcode: 4902506984012


A holder type sharp pencil with eight types of core built into one.

Multi 8: Type suitable for design editing with built-in 2 color cores and 2 non-copy cores.

Eight exclusive replacement core, with scraper

Material: Shaft: PC Clip: ABS Tip, Chuck: Brass Head, Sheath: PP Case: Foam Urethane Refill Case: AS Cap: PE, Sharpener: ABS

[Set contents] CH2-B (red), CH2-C (blue), CH2-D (green), CH2-E (brown).

 Set 2: CH2-F (orange), CH2-G (yellow), CN2-D (diazo copy), CN2-P (non-copying).

[Quantity] 2 pieces per refill type (8 types)