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KUTSUWA Zi-Keshi Self-cleaning Magnetic Eraser Grandpa RE033

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Barcode: 4901478155086

2019 Japanese Stationery Awards. Innovative self-cleaning eraser


The price is for a single Zi-Keshi Self-cleaning Magnetic Eraser Grandpa, pattern will be dispatched randomly. 

It's another of life's little annoyances: you take a pencil, write something, and want to erase it, but then your paper fills up with those tiny crumbs of black, used eraser rubbings that you need to pick up and find a place to throw away. And because sometimes even little annoyances can sometimes be just too annoying, the HiLine Zi-Keshi Magnetic Eraser is an answer to this particular one: you use it to erase whatever you want, then flip it over and see the strips stick to its bottom!

It looks like a magnet, because it is. The HiLine Zi-Keshi Magnetic Eraser is made of PVC and ferrite (iron particles). On the bottom, there's a powerful neodymium magnet that you can use to collect the eraser shavings. By flicking the bottom cover, you can then get rid of them forever. And because two is always better than one, each pack contains two erasers so you can erase to your heart's content!