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Kutsuwa HiLiNE Folding Aluminum 15-30cm Ruler Paper Cutter

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Barcode: 4901478128448 4901478128455 4901478128462

High end Aluminum Folding Ruler and Paper Cutter. The folding aluminum ruler that cuts paper neatly by simply holding the paper with a ruler and pulling the paper in line with the direction of the cutting guide. Useful for cutting out magazine pages and unnecessary parts of paper. When folded, it becomes a 15cm ruler and can be stored in a pen case. When stretched, it becomes a ruler of 30cm and can cut A4 size paper at a stretch. Since the folding part stops in 15 degree units, you can measure the approximate angle in 15 degree units.

  • Paper can be cut quickly
  • 30 cm scale when stretched, can be folded into a pen case
  • Approximate angle can be measured every 15 degrees
  • Zero start scale ruler