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Kokuyo One Patch Hole Reinforcement Stamp

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Barcode: 4901480194226 4901480283579 4901480283586


Keeping hole-punched papers in a neatly arranged folder is easy but what happens when that punched hole in the paper tears?

At best, everything just looks a little messy, at worst, a potentially important document can be lost. Thankfully, hole reinforcements do exist; most come in the form of a roll of stickers that need to be removed and applied manually. Kokuyo have gone one better though, with the One Patch Stamp it is possible to accurately, quickly and automatically apply a reinforcing label to hole punched papers. The system is suprisingly simple; a stack of reinforcing labels sit within a spring loaded applicator, whilst a guide on the cover flap ensures that the labels are always applied in the right place. A press on the top of the unit is all it takes, and the hole is reinforced. Not only is it more convenient to use than roll labels, but the labels are transparent and are of a higher quality and strength than those normally seen for hole reinforcing.

Box Contains

1 x One-Patch Stamp