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KOKUYO Gloo Glue Stick Large

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Barcode: 4901480339320

This handy glue stick is thoughtfully designed to make it easier than ever to glue photos, decorations, and more. It features a secure adhesive and a convenient square design. The square shape aligns neatly with the edge of your papers, while also preventing the glue stick from rolling off your desk.


Square body that helps neatly lay down glue along the edges of papers and prevents the glue stick from rolling away.

Blue color glue that makes it easy to see where you're gluing, then turns clear as it dries to keep your work neat.

Circular, hollow cap design that improves airtightness and keeps the glue stick from drying out. It also prevents dried glue from making the glue stick difficult to open.

Twist mechanism to advance the glue stick.

The body and cap are made with 75% recycled plastic.

Kokuyo Gloo Glue Sticks are acid-free and the adhesive strength does not weaken at room temperature. Please note, however, that the materials being glued, the amount of glue being used, and the storage conditions can all affect the effectiveness of the glue. Heat and humidity can cause the glue to weaken.