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Damaged Box 1/144 30MM w-25 Customize Weapons (Heavy Weapon 1)

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The item is discounted because of the damaged packaging box. 

Most box damages are minor, and products inside are not damaged.

Barcode: 4573102654304
This is a set of optional parts for modifying or detailing robot and other science-fiction kits.

Here's a set of weapons for your "30Minutes Missions" model kits from Bandai! You can enjoy a wide range of customization with the hard points on each item, as well as the abundant supply of joints. The cannon and missile pods can be connected to the backpack; missile pods can be vertically connected using the included joints, and they can also be vertically and horizontally connected by combining separately sold items. The large sword can be divided into a hand blade and a short axe. The large shield can store the 30MM 1/144 eEXM GIG-R01 Provedel's armaments, too. Order yours today!


Cannon (x2)
Missile pod (x2)
Large sword (hand blade and short axe)
Large shield
Joint parts (x1 set)