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BLEN Stress Free Ballpoint pen 0.5mm Gray Barrel/Black ink

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Barcode: 4901681577156

EASY TO WRITE -- This ballpoint pen included emulsion ink in which oil based ink and water based ink are blended.Because you can write smoothly.The zebra BLEN ballpoint pen uses half oil based ink, so it has excellent quick drying and water resistance. Also, half ink is water-based, so you can write smoothly and beautiful characters.

YOU CAN WRITE FOR A LONG TIME WITHOUT STRESS -- The conventional zebra nib has a slight vibration when writing.This stressed your hands without realizing it. Ordinary pens get tired when you write for a long time. However, BLEN ballpoint pen is equipped with a system that controls writing vibration.The center of gravity is at the pen tip. Thus, it is possible to write a stable character for a long time without stress.

MINIMAL DESIGN -- This zebra Bren ballpoint pen has a looks high class and a minimal design.Recommend for working women because it has Seamless and smooth design. Also this great pen is for your office, furniture business men, students, writers, artist, designer.

WON THE GOOD DESIGN AWARD -- This pen is a trusted quality because it developed by Zebra. and this beautiful cool ballpoint pen has won the Good Design Award.You can write and express your ideas instantly. you can use active in every situation.journal, travel journaling, planner, calendar, agenda, notebook, note taking, writing, sketch, signing, manga, animation, graphic, design, illustration.

-- The greatest strength of this ballpoint pen is the seamless design that integrates the knock knob and clip.

-- The pen looks smooth with no horns. So it's perfect for women.

-- Another strength is the built-in “Blen system” that suppresses writing vibration.

-- This suppresses the fine pen tip shaking during writing. So your writing stress will be almost eliminated!

-- There have been ballpoint pens that have a smooth writing feel and grip so far and are easy to grip. However, Bren ballpoint pens are completely different from previous ballpoint pens.

-- The ballpoint pen weighs 12.3 g, has a maximum diameter of 11.8 mm, and a total length of 143.6 mm. The shaft color of the Bren ballpoint pen is black, gray and white. The white axis is for black ink, blue ink, and red ink.

-- It is cool with a design that takes advantage of modern simple curves.